The many faces of elections - Cartograms

Romania Presidential Elections 2019

“ Eu pentru cine votez? ” (“ I'm not drunk... but I, for whom shall I vote? ”) *

Those are the results from the Romania's Presidential Elections 2019, round 1 and round 2, held on the 10th of November and the 24th of November, with a focus on the first two candidates.

The cartograms show the size of each county distorted by population (the total number of valid expressed votes). Eg. Bucharest(B1-B6), the country capital, is small on the geographic map, but much bigger on the cartograms. The color ranges show the votes each candidate has received per electoral district, in percentages. SR represents the voters from abroad.

Final Results

First Two Candidates

Districts Ordered By Total Valid Votes


ScapeToad(+Gastner-Newman) Contiguous Cartogram

ScapeToad(+Gastner-Newman) Gridded Cartogram

Dorling Graphical Cartogram

Demers Graphical Cartogram

Non-Contiguous Cartogram

Votes per Candidates

Votes per Districts